Elers Karate

 If you search 'Shito-Ryu Kata' on YouTube, you will find "Shito-kai kata" rather than "Seito Shito-ryu kata". 

Note: Our Shito-ryu is 'Seito Shito-ryu', the style that founded by Shito-ryu founder, Kenwa Mabuni, and succeeded by his son, Kenzo Mabuni. Please do not learn details from other 'Shito-ryu' kata videos as they are most likely different.

 Are you the Elers Karate member?

If you like to practise katas at home, kata videos (slow practice version) are available on YouTube. 

Email to elerskarate@gmail.com to receive a link on YouTube. Videos are not available in public by search.

Please specify the name of kata in the email with your full name and your grade (belt colour).

Kata videos will help you to review what you learn in the class and learn new katas for your next grading.

You need to clarify techniques, directions, speed, timing, breathing, and applications in the class.


(Name of katas)

Kihon-no kata: basic kata with numbers 1-12

Pinan ni dan: starts from a hammer block

Pinan sho dan: starts from a left side block and a right fist above the forehead

Pinan san dan: starts from a left side block with a cat-leg stance

Pinan yon dan: starts from open hands

Pinan go dan: starts from like pinan san dan then follows with a right punch

Shinsei: starts from 'uchi hachiji' stance

Jyuroku: starts from 'zenkutsu dachi' to the left

Sanchin: breathing kata

Matsukaze: starts from a right 'syuto uke'

Bassai dai